Benefits of buying a used car from Lythalls cars

Buying a new car is an expensive purchase and you have to research prices, specifications and insurance costs. New cars can be desirable and give a shiny appearance, but buying a good used car with sensible price, mileage, age and condition can give you several benefits.

The key benefit of choosing a used car is the lower price and therefore better value. If you have decided to buy a used car you will definitely be saving money on the new equivalent.

New cars can sometimes loose half their value in 2 years but used cars tend to depreciate more slowly and steadily which effectively means you are saving money when comparing ‘the cost’ of owning these depreciating assets.

Registration Fees
There a several taxes and registration costs when buying a new car that simply do not exist on the used car market. Items like VAT, Registration fees and delivery costs are all waived when buying used.

And much more!
We welcome multiple payment methods if you buy a car from our firm.
We offer 3 months warranty on our cars.
6 – 12 Month MOT, and all vehicles valeted before delivery.